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Fourteen handcrafted songs written on front porches and interstate rest areas. Each drawn from the joys and challenges of everyday life. The medium is vivid imagery painted with simple musical brush strokes. This debut CD is largely autobiographical lending authenticity and urgency to every word. 

YDIDI: A humorous look at the discovery and sacrifice of young love.

If Love Was The River: Inspired by the Cold River which runs behind my house into the Connecticut River and straight to the sea. 


How Much Love: Born out of a simple finger picking exercise into a poignant love song.


Simple Song: Inspired by a John Prine binge listening session while trying to write Momma's Banjo.


Momma’s Banjo: A tribute to the influence of my momma's musical interests and talents in my life. Features momma (Karen Collins) on banjo and vocals.


Red Ants and Crawdads: Came fully formed with lyrics and chords in a dream after a skunk (Pole Cat) sprayed outside the bedroom window at 3am!


Summer Birds: A true account of a November day on Lake Sunapee. Summer birds refers to the families that only lived at the lake during the summer. The Scoter ducks stayed about 3 days in our cove that year and I never saw them again.


Blue Skies In Your Eyes: Written in a rest area on Interstate 89 during a late winter snow storm right after a beautiful almost spring day.


Headlights: Recounts a young boy’s earliest memory of car headlights making a moving pattern of venetian blinds on my wall.


Colors: A lighthearted political commentary inspired by a scene at the Vermont Country Store involving a MAGA shirt and a box of crayons.


One Pull Away: Inspired by and dedicated to the survivors of Parkland.


White Man In Aiken: A faithful recounting of actual events that took 3 years to put to music. I am forever thankful to Carolyn Waters for helping me put the events into perspective and song.


Take My Hand: A reminder to all of us do our best to reach across political divides. We are not that different after all...


If I Wrote A Song: Inspired by and dedicated to Henry Stone who died of pancreatic cancer and left a gaping hole in so many lives...

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